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Understanding Astrology Better

The combination of the Greek words ‘astron’ and ‘logo ‘forms the word ‘astrology’ that means ‘star’ and ‘study,’ respectively. Simply put, astrology is the study of the stars. Astrology started more than 5,000 years ago that the ancient people have so gladly used in various aspects of their lives. All events and the things that happen to the lives of the people have been said to have been contributed by the effects that the celestial bodies have. Based on archaic studies, the history of astrology all started before 2000 BC being used by people living in ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Babylon. The study of the moon, planets, stars, and sun and their effects on the earth have then proceeded 2400 years ago to Greece. These times have been proven to take place 400 years before the birth of Jesus. What comes next will be the spread of astrology to Egypt, India, and the Middle East all during the conquests of Alexander.

There are basically different kinds of astrology where some bear the same characteristics while some have differences in them. There are a number of astrology traditions but the most common are the Chinese astrology, the Modern Western astrology, and the Indian or Vedic astrology.

If you have heard of the horoscopic system, this method is more of influenced by the Modern Western and Vedic astrology principles. Most of the time, a horoscope is also referred to as an astrological chart. Based on both of these traditions, it has been said that horoscope represents the planets, stars, moon, and sun. Every aspect of your life is thus affected by all of these celestial entities.

Sidereal is what experts in astrology call the Vedic or Indian astrology as the zodiac is highly based on fixed star groups or 27 constellations. In terms of the Modern Western astrology, you will see that they are more of the tropical kind as the sky will be dependent on being divided into twelve equal parts. When it comes to the Chinese astrology, that application of principles is now very much different. Even so, the same astrology tradition is applied among countries that have been influenced by the Chinese.

So, what can you expect from astrology?

The science of astrology is a firm believer that how the celestial bodies are formed when you are born explains a lot about how your personalities and lives are shapes and what the future holds for you. A lot of people believe in astrology and can get some sources in their newspapers and other media platforms about them. The most basic form of astrology called sun sign astrology is what you can always expect from your morning news. You only have to look into your date of birth for you to get an astrological reading. And yet, if you want your astrological reading to be more specific, you can check out the net.

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