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The Ideal Hand Trucks and Platform Carts for Your Needs

If your business operations involve the movement of items such as furniture, appliances, or any other equipment or products, then it is a fact that a hand truck will go a long way in saving you time and as well help you avoid the instances of work related injuries. The use of the hand trucks, dollies and platform carts has been with the warehouses quite effectively enabling them to safely load and unload items with so much efficiency and safety as well. These trolleys and hand trucks are the sure solution to your need to save your employees from sustaining work related injuries such as lower back injuries that result from lifting too much weight. Though as a result of the fact that these items come in such a wide variety of types and designs, it is indeed going to prove a bit of a challenging task to settle for the right kind of hand truck or trolley for use in your business. The hand trucks come in all shapes and sizes and these are such as the folding trucks, the 2 in one convertible ones, appliance and the specialty kinds all with differing wheel configurations. In this post, we have set out a guide which will ideally serve as for the need to identify and go for the best of the platform carts and trolleys that will be of use to your business, be it in a large warehouse setting or for use in a small business set up.

The first thing you need to note is the fact that there are basically three kinds of the hand truck categories and these are such as the Upright, the Convertible and the Specialty. The standard upright trucks are ideally suitable for those operations that involve the moving of weights that do not go beyond the 500 pound weight limit. But for those going for the weights that exceed this limit getting to up to 600 lbs, then the heavy duty hand trucks would be an ideal choice.

As for the materials that these gadgets are made of, you need to know that they are typically made of steel or aluminum. If you are interested in those trolleys and platform carts that will last for like forever, then your best shot will be going for the ones made of steel. The aluminum hand carts and trolleys are as well known for being equally durable and alongside this they have the quality of being lightweight and as such will be a preferable choice for many given this additional quality.

Consider some of these factors when choosing your hand truck or trolley for use: your space limitations, load weight and the application you will be putting it to. Consider the Prestar trolleys as some of the dominant ones in Asia and now selling in Singapore.

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